Iraqi Patient

Iraqi Patient who came to Physio Active with Severe Pain and Stiffness Post Both Hip Replacement Shares His Experience.

Mrs. Gargi

Mrs. Gargi is Suffering from Osteoarthritis of Knee and had visited us with a Significant Limp in her Walk due to Pain, Weak Hip and Knee Muscles. On

Mr. Prabhakaran Mohan

Mr. Prabhakaran Mohan, a triathlete, who completed iron-man in 2017, post which he had Hamstrings strain. He continued to run with strained tendons.

Mrs. Shilpi Khanedewal

Mrs. Shilpi Khanedewal was very apprehensive when she visited Physio Active first time as she had already been advised for surgery by two leading sur

Mr. Sanjeev Kakkar, Sr. Dir

Another Delighted Patient Mr. Sanjeev Kakkar, Senior Director with an MNC. Mr Kakkar gave us a Tagline “We are here to improve the quality of your mo

Mr. Alok Awasthi

Mr. Alok Awasthi is a fitness lover but he has been facing trouble for very long with his high-intensity workout due to knee pain which was mechanica

Ms. Shivali Arora

Ms. Shivali Arora has Got Treated at Physio Active for her Knee Pain and is Very Delighted with the Recovery. We thank her for her feedback.

Mr. Vishesh Jawarani

Mr. Vishesh Jawarani 26 year old male has a degenerative knee condition in which his odd facet of the patella is degenerated due to which he had dif

Mrs. Indu Sibal

Mrs Indu Sibal was suffering from Severe Back Pain due to Osteoporotic Compression Fracture of Dorsal Spine. She was not able to lying down in any Po

Ms. Aprova

Our Nutrition Consultation has began and clients have some Wonderful Feedback for Our Service”. Listen to our fellow clients feedback. Ask our Dietit

Mr. Shashikant

Shashikant had an ACL injury. Physio active played a vital role in guiding Pre OP and Post OP Recovery. Extremely Happy Client of Ours.

Mr. Satish

Mr. Satish – “Highly Skilled and Talented Therapists, Got Very Effective Treatment.”

Mst. Arnav

Hello, my name is Arnav – A Big Thank to Physioactive Very Very Grateful to bring hope in My Life to Correct My Health.

Ms. Dolly

This is a patient with Chronic OA both knees and obesity running on alter G after only 7 sessions of physiotherapy treatment at physio Active.

Mrs. Jayanthi

Mrs. Jayanthi is 65 years old lady who came to #physioActive for her both osteoarthritis knees. She had tried every treatment including Ayurveda but

Mr. Noafel

Interview with Noafel Age 26 from Iraq Suffering from Severe Backache and Stiffness. Now he Shares his Happiness and Experience after 5 Sessions of T

Mr. Basharat

Mr. Basharat has Got Treated at Physio Active for his Knee Pain and is Very Delighted with the Recovery. We thank him for his feedback.

Ms. Maab Ayad Alani

An Effective Interview of a Patient Got Her form the Treatment of Physio Active.

Mrs Madhu Goswami

Patient Testimonials on Physiotherapist

Patient Testimonials on Physiotherapist

Manasvini narayan

Manasvini narayan 11 years old artistic #gymnast practicing for last 4 years complained of severe pain in her right knee during a jump just a week be