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Best spine physiotherapy in gurgaon

“Avoid bending forwards” and “Stop lifting heavy loads.”
“Always bend your knees when you lift something from ground.”
Does this sound familiar to you?
Well, let me tell you that this is a myth. Yes, you read it right! Let me explain this.
A software guy with sedentary lifestyle and long hours of working walks into the clinic and tells us he has a slipped disc problem since years; and presently he is suffering from low back pain which radiates down the right leg. During examination when he is asked to bend forward and touch his toes, we find that he can barely touch his lower thigh; reason being thathe has never attempted to bend forward since last 10 years. Can you believe this?
On further history taking the client tells us that he had an episode of low back pain when he was a teenager and the doctor asked him to stop bending forward as this would exacerbate his symptoms.
Looks like the doctor forgot to tell him when was he supposed to“Stop exercising this caution!!”
After few clinical tests we reach to a diagnosis which tells us that his pain is pure mechanical in nature which is arising from myofascial tightness and stiff low back.His low back needs specific exercises and movements instead of beingprotected in a soft cotton roll.
Our spine is designed in a way so that it is able to carry heavy loads in multiple directions every day.
Ever seen those amazing people on TV who can pull an entire truck with their teeth? These people have strong and stable neck muscles which absorb and distribute the loads evenly on the spine.
Now, how is this even achieved?
Answer to this question lies in Stability.
Stability of spine under loads is the single most essential aspect of avoiding pain in any part of spine. Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis, Annulus tears, Spurs, Ligament tears can be prevented if a spine has good stability.Stability is the ability of spine, under physiologic loads, to limit displacement in order to avoid pain and protect spinal nerves. Spine alone cannot achieve this alone. There are discs, numerous ligaments, muscles and fascia attached to and surrounding the spine which make this possible. Stronger the supporting structures, higher the loads a spine can carry. Tight or lengthened musculature do not allow your spine to move or distribute loads appropriately, leading to low back pains or slipped discs.
We at Physioactive, not only diagnose and treat the cause of your back pain but also give you tips on preventing it from occurring again in future. We have the best and most advanced technology available in physiotherapeutic arena namely Alter G, Decompression Spinal Therapy, Therapeutic Laser Class IV and shockwave therapy which can help you in your recovery from pain and getting back to your routine. You will receive individualized exercise routine which has to be followed by you at your home.

Our philosophy is to get you back to your functional self, instead of restricting you from doing your desirable activities.
Visit Physioactive and keep your spine free from pain.

By- Dr. Anjana Aggarwal ( P.T.)

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