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My Journey Of Physiotherapy Profession With Changing Trends In Treatment Approach!!!

In the last few decades, the world has seen a transformation in Physical Therapy. The paradigm shift from traditional to modern treatment techniques have brought in new practices helping patients recover effectively and quickly.

Understanding a patient's problem requires a thorough assessment to get to the root of it. What more? A clear roadmap with the flexibility to modify treatment basis the response and a steady hand can help get the patient back on track.

From Thermal Agents (or what is known as heat or ice therapy) to Spinal Manipulations, Mobilisation and Dry Needling, traditional practices continues to have a positive impact on the treatment of patients. With the coming in of modern practices, the entire landscape has seen a distinct transition. Now, patients can get back to their daily routine without foregoing their fitness.

The Alter Gravity Treadmill was originally created for astronauts reaching back from outer space. The treadmill with its low gravity, allowed them to slowly re-acquaint themselves to the earth's gravity. The use of this treadmill however, saw its use in Physical therapy - a patient recovering from an injury can now resume normal functioning (walking / jogging) with lowered amount of effort and strain. This allows lowered weight on the muscles and joints, making it easy for patients suffering from obesity also.

Likewise, for Athletes, the Muscle Intelligence technology has brought in a huge transformation to allow sportspersons to recuperate from injuries and work on their muscle memory

Dr. M R Zulfi, Co-Director at Physio Active Pvt. Ltd., has treated over 84,000 patients in his career of 15 years. He believes that the anatomy and bio mechanics need to be understood well before treating it. He also states that the treatment does not end when the pain ends. Building strength is a core essential to prevent re-injury and chronic problems. "Patience, a good sense of touch and blend of traditional and modern practices can ensure that the patients become fitter and healthier for a happier tomorrow."

Dr M.R Zulfi
Fellowship in sports Medicine
Certified Manual Therapist and Dry Needling Expert

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