We are thankful to Mr. Aarav Kapoor for this kind feedback. Do hear him out 😃

Ms. Neha Bansal has a corporate job and a good and active lifestyle however since some time she was suffering with a neck, back and shoulder pain, the root cause of postural disorders. She consulted Dr. D.M. Manoj regarding her spine and also went through a postural examination. Post 2 months of care and sessions with Physio Active and spine management by Dr. Pramod Kumar, she was compeltely pain-free with improvement in her posture and a much strengthened spine like never before!

Mrs Smitia Bali was suffering with lower backache for the last 2 yrs, she opted for many treatments in Rajasthan however nothing worked for her. After searching on Google she found Physio Active in Gurgaon.

After Consulting online with PhysioActive Team, She gained trust and planned to travel from Alwar, stayed for 1 month in Gurgaon for a specialized treatment for her chronic Backache. Researched based Spine rehab plan worked for her and now she is happily able to perform her family responsibilities with follow up services via virtual therapy as well with Physio Active team. Physio Active wishes her all the best for her future.

At Physio Active we are proud to serve our customers to the best of our ability with our online video sessions and consultation, but don’t take our word for it, take the word of our patients! Here is a review from Ms. Priyanka Dahiya, do have a look 🙂

Mr Jaspreet brar,came to PhysioActive Gurgaon with chief complaint of inability to Squat and walk with a limp. He loves to run but was not able to follow his passion due to his pain. He was given Shockwave therapy along with Class IV LASER for Revascularisation on his Quadriceps and hamstrings muscle group. We Educated him functionally for strength incorporated with sports specific training. He completed 12 sessions with us and could achieve to get back to running and improve his mobility with his pain getting better. We wish him active lifestyle ahead!

Mrs Deepshikha came to physio Active with partial rotator cuff tear as an option to avoid surgery as she had been recommended surgery by two renowned surgeons.She was in severe pain and shoulder musculature weakness and we gave her a very holistic approach of treatment from laser therapy,dry Needling,manual therapy to rotator cuff and shoulder stabilisation exercises to make her recovery possible within 25 sessions of treatment.

Videep Ray, A soccer player, came to physio active for treatment of his left calf strain.
On Evaluation it was found that he has stiffness in his legs and lacked some basic fitness components necessary for playing soccer; for which he was advised exercises specific to his needs .

Now After undergoing a program of 10 sessions he himself is able to take care of all the fitness components required to perform well in SOCCER.

Mr. Rahul Rathore was referred to PhysioActive with Chronic Impingement of Shoulder followed by Secondary Peri-Arthritic Changes persisting for last 6 months. His Active and passive Range of Motion was severely restricted with Pain scale of 9/10 in all movements. The treatment was focussed on bringing the Pain levels down, restoring the Shoulder Ranges and sending the patient back to his normal routine. After 6 weeks of rigorous Physiotherapy utilising the most advanced methods of treatment he managed to use his arm in all ranges with 0/10 Pain and is now following us for regular fitness.

Bhavya sekhri came to Physioactive with recurrent both side patellar dislocation. Here we cured her with 4 weeks of extensive physiotherapy.
We used advance mcconnell taping and corrective exercises she could do so well that she did 18km of mountain trekking pain free.

Mrs. Taqreed Abdullah, resident of Basrah, Iraq visited India for her Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery. She came to Physio Active Gurgaon 7 days after the surgery for her Post TKR rehabilitation. Time being a limitation getting her back on feet again in 2 weeks was a challenge for us. We worked on basic activation of Lower Extremity muscles actively using Electrical muscle stimulations, improved her walking through Gait training on ALTER G treadmill® and Strengthening exercises for Functional mobility. In 18 sessions, we were able to achieve the planned Goals. Discharged her successfully with home exercise program for 3 months. We wish her an active recovery!