Mr Jaspreet brar,came to PhysioActive Gurgaon with chief complaint of inability to Squat and walk with a limp. He loves to run but was not able to follow his passion due to his pain. He was given Shockwave therapy along with Class IV LASER for Revascularisation on his Quadriceps and hamstrings muscle group. We Educated him functionally for strength incorporated with sports specific training. He completed 12 sessions with us and could achieve to get back to running and improve his mobility with his pain getting better. We wish him active lifestyle ahead!

Mrs Deepshikha came to physio Active with partial rotator cuff tear as an option to avoid surgery as she had been recommended surgery by two renowned surgeons.She was in severe pain and shoulder musculature weakness and we gave her a very holistic approach of treatment from laser therapy,dry Needling,manual therapy to rotator cuff and shoulder stabilisation exercises to make her recovery possible within 25 sessions of treatment.

Videep Ray, A soccer player, came to physio active for treatment of his left calf strain.
On Evaluation it was found that he has stiffness in his legs and lacked some basic fitness components necessary for playing soccer; for which he was advised exercises specific to his needs .

Now After undergoing a program of 10 sessions he himself is able to take care of all the fitness components required to perform well in SOCCER.

Mr. Rahul Rathore was referred to PhysioActive with Chronic Impingement of Shoulder followed by Secondary Peri-Arthritic Changes persisting for last 6 months. His Active and passive Range of Motion was severely restricted with Pain scale of 9/10 in all movements. The treatment was focussed on bringing the Pain levels down, restoring the Shoulder Ranges and sending the patient back to his normal routine. After 6 weeks of rigorous Physiotherapy utilising the most advanced methods of treatment he managed to use his arm in all ranges with 0/10 Pain and is now following us for regular fitness.

Bhavya sekhri came to Physioactive with recurrent both side patellar dislocation. Here we cured her with 4 weeks of extensive physiotherapy.
We used advance mcconnell taping and corrective exercises she could do so well that she did 18km of mountain trekking pain free.

Mrs. Taqreed Abdullah, resident of Basrah, Iraq visited India for her Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery. She came to Physio Active Gurgaon 7 days after the surgery for her Post TKR rehabilitation. Time being a limitation getting her back on feet again in 2 weeks was a challenge for us. We worked on basic activation of Lower Extremity muscles actively using Electrical muscle stimulations, improved her walking through Gait training on ALTER G treadmill® and Strengthening exercises for Functional mobility. In 18 sessions, we were able to achieve the planned Goals. Discharged her successfully with home exercise program for 3 months. We wish her an active recovery!

We often think that eating whatever we may like and then burning it in the form of exercise or movement is good for health. However, experts disagree. Your diet can be more important than exercising. When it comes to eating the right things pre and post workout, a lot of us may not be able to maintain optimal standards. There are certain nutrients that are required before you burn it out at the gym and some which your body needs after you have burnt the calories. Here we take a look at what foods are ideal before and after you work out.



Cards provide your body with the right fuel to exercise. They are the energy-providing nutrients which break down in your body into glucose. It then enters our muscle cells and helps us exercise for longer. Simple carbs are better as they get digested quickly. If you don’t have enough energy, you may be tempted to quit your workout before you should. The rich source of carbs are bananas, fruit smoothies, dried fruits, oats, a light sandwich or toast. If you are looking for a perfect pre- workout drink which consists of carbohydrates- Use a banana smoothie, But make sure you drink 2 hours before workout.You need carbohydrate only if you are exercising more than an hour.


Proteins are the building blocks of your body and during exercise, your muscle fibers are more prone to tearing. For them to heal and get stronger, proteins are required. They are a must for those who want to build muscles.

The good source of proteins are Eggs, nuts, soy milk. If you consume protein post workout- I. e within 2 hours post workout, it helps in muscle recovery and it also helps in building muscle. Example: 1 glass of milk plus 8-10 almonds.


Water is essential if you want to sweat it out at the gym. Make sure that you are consuming a proper amount of water even before thinking about heading for your exercise session. You are at a high risk of dehydration during exercising if you are not properly hydrated. One way to check your level of hydration is by looking at the color of your pee. To know what your ideal intake of water should be, you can simply use a formula. First, check your weight in kilograms. Now, divide the number that you get by 30. The answer that you get will be your ideal intake of water in liters. For example, your weight is 80 kilos., multiply –  80 by 30. the ideal intake of water for your body is 2.66 liters. Coconut water is great for hydration.


Have something healthy as soon as possible, it’s a thumb rule: Grab something healthy as quickly as your workout is over. This is because of a variety of reasons. When you work out, your body needs to replenish the glycogen that was used up in your exercise. Have a snack within half an hour of your work out. For this reason, it’s recommended that you consume a combination of carbs and protein. In fact, it’s believed that the delay of carb consumption by as little as two hours after a workout may lead to as much as 50% lower rates of glycogen synthesis. For carbs have Sweet potatoes, Chocolate milk, Rice, Oatmeal and leafy green vegetables. And for proteins take Eggs, yogurt, Cottage cheese, paneer, almonds, Chicken. Also, you may take good fats from Avocado, Nuts, and dried fruits.

Usha Lamba came in with chief complaint of Generalised Weakness in Lower Limbs and inability to walk continuously for 10 mins. We incorporated Advanced Strengthening program for her Core Muscle, Lower body and Upper body. We were successfully able to progress within 15 sessions. Now she enjoys a walk of good 30 mins. We wish her a active lifestyle ahead.

Mrs. Kiran Rekha, an active female who was an athlete in her younger age came in Physio Active with a complaint of inability to walk more than 10 mins and primary pain in both the knees due to the arthritic changes. She completed 6 weeks Plan of Care with us focusing more on activating muscles and strengthening exercises. She is a fitness enthusiast complied with exercise regime giving her more than 75% improvement. Now successfuly discharged with routine follow-ups. We wish her a healthy and active lifestyle ahead!

Mr. Sulaiman, An international Football player from Nigeria, Playing and doing Coaching in Delhi. Came to us with Pain in both Hips, Right is more than left with limited Range of Motion from last 6 years. He was diagnosed with B/L Arthritis of Hip Joint. There were multiple episodes of pain after 5 mins of Play and not able to squat more than 40 degrees. After 20 treatment session with mobilization, modality and exercise program; there is no pain and able to squat 100 degrees and play football for 30 mins without any discomfort and pain.