Raise your hands up if you are the one who has always struggled to lose weight. Raise your hands up if you are the one who jumps on the scales and find that weight has not budged at all!

Join our club today. After all, it is World Obesity Day!

Before we talk about the do’s and don’ts of weight management, Let me shower some light on how important it is to prevent childhood obesity. 

So let me tell you, if you have been an inactive kid or struggled to lose weight as a child or if your momma or grandma fed you well, they gave you ample of opportunity to form fat cells in your body. 

Fat cells are formed in your body when you are a child until your teenage years that is your growing years. Once, these fat cells formed takes 7 years of starvation to make your weight loss permanent. That’s why you are always in your yo – yo of weight loss and gain. 

So let me share you some tips and nutrition facts to keep your weight off. I promise you these tips will help to keep your weight off. 

  1. Just move- Do not sit. You must have read to get up every hour for 2-3 minutes and walk. Did you know when you walk you increase your metabolic rate by 20% in a day. So sitting is the new poison. Just move- like use staircase instead of lift, get a glass of water instead of ringing the bell etc.

  1. Fast- Fasting is a miracle and it does indeed help you lose weight. When you fast it repairs your cells and helps them heal. Your digestive tract gets some rest, your good cholesterol – HDL cholesterol improves, sugar metabolism is improved and your fat is metabolised. One must fast – whether intermittent or dry fast once a week.

  1. Sleep- A sound 7-8 hours’ sleep is a key to weight loss. When you are asleep, your body repairs itself and thus helps in losing weight. 

  1. Keep Dinners light- At dinnertime, one must consume the least of the calories, as our body is not going to use that food for energy. Great dinner ideas include soups, sautéed vegetables; stir fries vegetables, eggs or grilled paneer. 

Weight management is not a rocket science, it is an art and every menu is designed or painted to suit your lifestyle. Stay fit and Stay Healthy.