Have you been recently diagnosed with cervical spondylitis? Well the chances are, there might just be some tight and some weak muscles, resulting from bad posture which are creating the symptoms in your case. Apart from various causes of neck pain like degenerative disc disease, neck strain, neck injury such as in whiplash, herniated disc, or a pinched nerve; bad posture is increasingly becoming a common cause of neck pain nowadays due to sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise and prolonged hours of working. Cumulative effect of bad posture in upper body manifests as rounded shoulders and poking chin which leads to chronic pains in neck, shoulders, in between the shoulder blades often leading to low back pain. Long standing bad postures lead to symptoms like pain in arm, weak shoulder muscles, impingements, frequent headaches and light headedness. Let’s have a look at common causes of such postures.


  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Desk jobs including long hours of computer/ laptop usage
  • Frequent bending over
  • Smart phone/ tablet usage
  • Pregnancy
  • Rare congenital diseases
  • Adolescents approaching puberty
  • Poor self-confidence/ depression

DID YOU KNOW:Every inch of Forward Head Posture can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.

The weight is almost as good as a 6-year-old sitting on your neck!!

Imagine the amount of stress your neck muscles, ligaments and discs carry due to such heavy loads on your neck; which is for most hours of the day apart from the number of hours that you sleep; say, 18x7x365 hours.

Usually muscular structures in front of your body become tight and the ones in the back become weak. Bringing about a lifestyle change or altering habits can prevent further worsening of condition. Fortunately, if treated on time rounded shoulders can be corrected. All one has to do is devote few minutes in doing simple exercises and stretches which will help in preventing future dysfunctions.

“Every human body is different and also differs in its structure, strength and endurance”.

Visit PhysioActive for a detailed assessment of your individual posture and muscle strength as it is essential to determine your individualised treatment protocol. Specific muscles might require myofascial releases and others might require to be activated before starting with strengthening which only a qualified physiotherapist can determine. We at Physioactive are fully equipped to provide best physiotherapy treatment required to treat your neck pain. Supported with latest physiotherapeutic modalities and well equipped gym, our physiotherapists are also skilled with manipulations, mobilizations, myofascial releases, dry needling, kinesio taping etc and they can help you in moving on with your daily routine without bothering much about your pain or discomfort.
Our aim at PhysioActive is to educate you on your posture, mechanics of neck and give you lifelong tips to keep it away from pain.

Remember, results cannot be achieved in a day. Reversal of bad posture would require patience and adherence to exercise protocols which are specific to an individual and the exercises need to be reviewed and stepped up at regular intervals.

So don’t let these aches and pains affect your lifestyle and decrease your productivity at work. Visit us and know the exact cause of your neck pain.

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