About Physio Active

Physio Active – The Wellness Hub has been conceptualized by Dr. M R Zulfi and Dr. D M Manoj. With their specialization in Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation, this motivated team of physical therapists has made its mission to improve the health and wellness of the people by focusing on the rehabilitation of sports and industrial injuries. Both Dr. Zulfi and Dr. Manoj bring over 20 years of experience in a variety of rehabilitation settings with extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Don’t let aches & pains discourage you from doing what you love!

Located in the Corporate hub of Gurgaon, Physio Active also aims to establish relations with companies for their employees’ needs. At the larger level, we intend to create a positive impact on the health and wellness of every community by forming integrated professional relationships with patients, leaders in the community, colleagues, physicians and members.

Management Team

Dr. M R Zulfi

Dr. D M Manoj

Mr. Anil Gupta

Mr. Akshat Divij Gupta