Importance of Tele-PT Video Consultation by Physiotherapist

Tele-PT simply means allowing health care professional and care givers to provide thier services through telecommunications, which would require us to connect to the masses through any electronic devices and software without them to step out of their homes.WHO states Telemedicine to be the need of hour, which literally means “healing at distance”. It is indeed a blessing in this current situations where safety lies in just staying back at home, “Tele PT” turns out to be an essential tool for the professionals to evaluate, diagnose and manage patients suffering from aches and pains and most importantly missing their routine physio sessions.

Few days back, our clinic front staff received a query call raising a concern regarding who all can avail these Tele-PT Virtual sessions, Well not as hard as it seems to be as anybody who finds himself under following conditions can connect to Physiotherapist for Tele consultations:-

  • Pain that has not been subsided since last 3-4 days.

  • Poor posture and ergonomics while working from home leading to discomfort.

  • Underlying history of pain aggravated due to bad routines or household chores exertion.

  • Elderly people facing issues related to restricted body movements.

  • People who have been missing thier regular therapy sessions/fitness classes owing to lockdown.

Presently, the next question, which arises, is why should one take these physiotherapy sessions through virtual communications and why not wait for the lockdown to get over. Is it so essesntial to go for this Virtual Physiotherapy session in such uncertain times? Well, yes there goes your anwser in the question itself, these times are definately uncertain and unpredicatable while each one of us is bound to be indoors none of us is really sure of how long this would last, while on the contrary we aren’t really skipping anything..exercises, cooking ,hobbies we all have even setup a small workstation for our office work at home,then why skip good health? As someone rightly said, “Your Health is an investment and not an expense” It only demands one thing from you – Dedication. Just like we at Physio Active are dedicated towards your well being and Hollistic wellness and aims at building a healthy community.

So if you dedicate yourself in this ever reaping benefits Investment you will realize how salient it is to focus on your and family’s wellbeing.

Considering all the boon social medial has provided us with ,each one is using digital media platforms for all sorts of daily essentials as suggested its the new “Virtual World” we all are living into or atleast getting accustomed to it in this aeon of “Social Distancing” where technology is no longer a luxury instead has become a necessity. So, why not take the perks of meeting your therapist via virtual screen without even getting to step out your home.In order to have a sane mind we require a painfree body. This is where Tele PT Virtual Consultation comes in as rescue.

PhysioActive, The Wellness Hub takes the initiative of your fitness and wellbeing by providing our essential services by the expert team.

Tele PT sessions bring us to you, virtually. Exactly as promised to be there for you always in health and sickness. You just need to let us know about your physical ailments and issues; we’ll address it asap.Here is what happens through the process –

  • Share your medical/health history with our Consultant Physiotherapist

  • Get a detailed Examination based on individual’s signs and symptoms.

  • Visual cues by the Therapist on Patient’s – Active Range of mobility for affected joint, Area of pain, Functional inability to do certain movements.

  • Get a probable Diagnosis by the Therapist.

  • Advice on Self-management of pain, ailment or discomfort, Precautions, Do’s and don’ts and Faulty movements while Exercise demonstrations.

What’s more, you can schedule your follow up sessions, get Home Exercise Plan ,fitness tips and workout guidelines from our specialists face to face. Consult with our Skilled Physiotherapist, make the best use of their expertise. Don’t let health slip out of your hands; your good health is the only virtue that will help you fight this era of pandemic.

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Stay Safe. Stay Indoor.


Published by

Dr. Snigdha Sharma (PT)

Consultant Physiotherapist. Physio Active