Intelect Advanced Combo


How Does Intelect Advanced Combo Treatment Work?

Combination Electrotherapy and Ultrasound. The Unique Modularity found in the Intelect Advanced Therapy System allows for easy customization. Additional components that can be added to the Combo base now or later with a simple upgrade include: EMG, 2 additional channels of Stimulation, Laser Therapy, Vacuum, and Battery.

  • 2 Independent Electrotherapy Channels
  • High Resolution Color Display of all Screens (Color Combo)
  • Over 200 Clinical Protocols
  • Over 100 User-defined Protocol Slots
  • Over 10 Quick-link Indications for quick Parameter Retrieval
  • Impressive Clinical Library which includes full color Graphic Anatomical and Pathological Libraries on Vibrant LCD Screen
  • Constant Current/Constant Voltage Modes
  • Surface EMG and EMG Plus Stim (optional)
  • Documentation of Treatment Outcomes with Patient Data Cards
  • Sequencing to Direct a Designated Therapeutic Course without having to modify the unit
  • 1 & 3 Mhz Ultrasound Frequencies
  • Pulsed & Continuous Modes (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%)
  • Variable Duty Cycles (16 Hz, 48 Hz & 100 Hz)
  • Newly Redesigned Ultrasound Heads for Improved ERA During Treatment
  • BNR <6:1
  • Ergonomically designed sound heads in 1 cm², 2 cm², 5 cm² & 10 cm² sizes
  • Sound Head Coupling Features with Both Visual & Audio Feedback
  • Head Warming Option on Sound Heads for Patient Comfort