Laser Therapy – Class IV


Laser therapy is the use of laser energy in the field of physiotherapy in order to accelerate recovery in many acute and chronic conditions. Light Force Class 4 Laser is latest among different classes of Laser which start from Class 1. Class 4 Laser comes with higher wattage and can penetrate deeper into the tissues as compared to its other classes.

How does Laser Work?

Laser Reduces pain & spasm, inflammation and accelerates body’s own healing process. Laser light when delivered to tissues alters cellular metabolism, causes vasodilatation and improves micro circulation of the area leading to increased oxygen to the area and removal of waste products which promotes healing.

What to Expect?

Once you have your eye protection gear on, the area to be treated shall be uncovered as laser energy doesn’t penetrate from clothes. You are expected to feel slight warmth during the ongoing application of Laser. Your treating therapist might use some preset protocols from the machine.