Knee Osteoarthritis Causes & Solution (Best Knee Pain Physiotherapy in Gurgaon)

Knee Osteoarthritis : Causes and Solution

Osteoarthritis of knee joint means damaging of cartilage of the knee joint which gives you pain and by the time your muscle will also become weak.

Here a sample of knee joint X-ray, you can see difference between normal and osteoarthritic knee joint.  

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The result of developing osteoarthritis in knee joint you can experience pain and muscle weakness around the knee joint. Discomfort in walking and getting up from the chair and bed.

So, the question is what is the cause of developing this condition because of you getting old or because you are not using a correct lifestyle.

I want to tell you here that most of the cause of arthritic knee joint is because of your lifestyle you can have a healthy knee at age of 70 also.

What is the healthy and unhealthy lifestyle?

Lifestyle means how well you are doing physical activity, and the quality of your food. If you are taking care of these two things then you can prevent from damaging your knee joint in future or stop it from further damage.

An unhealthy lifestyle can contribute too much of body fat and too much of body fat gives extra load on the knee joint that extra load on the knee joint contribute to damage your cartilage.

So the solution of this one is also very simple. Reduce your body fat with the help of exercise and food.

Aerobic Exercise which helps you to burn calorie more but the problem is how you can do aerobic exercise with such a knee joint pain.

Alter-G will be your answer in this situation, it reduces the load from your knee while running.

For weakness of the muscle around knee joint will be recover by a good rehab protocol which include muscle strengthening and stretching of certain muscle for pain relief.

So, change your lifestyle and a good rehab protocol can change your condition. You can also consult a physiotherapist for the right guidance and treatment.

Visit PhysioActive for a detailed assessment of your individual posture and muscle strength as it is essential to determine your individualised treatment protocol. Specific muscles might require myofascial releases and others might require to be activated before starting with strengthening which only a qualified physiotherapist can determine. We at Physioactive are fully equipped to provide best physiotherapy treatment required to treat your knee pain.

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