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Let us look at it this way – In a year, we have 52 weeks, if we use 52 strategies in our life, suitable to our lifestyle, we have a transformation. We do not have to wait for another year to make these changes. It can start now! If 52 is a big number, let us think about 36 strategies- you are still a transformed individual!

What you get with our weight loss program supervised by certified Nutritionists and Physiotherapists?

Weight Assessment

Motivation Interview

Weight Goal Assessments


Posture correction

Correction of muscle imbalance to optimize functionality of an individual

As they say – ‘nobody is the same’, we at PHYSIO ACTIVE deploy a different exercise plans for every individual after examining only because every weight loss program needs to be customized as per the requirement, body type and routine. When you enroll for our weight loss program, we not only help you reduce weight but also take care of your joints at the same time because a wrong exercise plan injures or hurts you in the process, which makes us different from other run of the mill Physiotherapy centers.

Thinking what to do next?

Thinking what to do next?

The idea behind our 8 x 8 challenge is to give your gut some rest. This program assist in weight management, take your through healthy eating habits and assist you in getting back on track of your health goals. We help you stay focused throughout our 8 days challenge.

Thinking what to do next?

Thinking what to do next?

This technology was originally conceived in the 1990s by two inventors to design effective exercise regimens for NASA’s astronauts. Then it was adapted by Alter-G for use in training and rehabilitation.

An anti-gravity treadmill looks like your typical gym machine, except for one difference: an air-filled bag that fits around a person’s torso and lower extremities. And that’s where the magic happens. Users wear shorts that zipper into the air chamber. Then an airtight seal is formed and the chamber inflates. The user then gets lifted slightly, reducing the amount of body weight the legs have to carry, thus allowing users to walk or run at less than their actual weight. How much less? As low as 20 percent of their body weight, effectively giving them the weightlessness they would have on the moon.

Increased exercise tolerance

Increased exercise confidence