Mr. Aarav Kapoor

We are thankful to Mr. Aarav Kapoor for this kind … Continue reading Mr. Aarav Kapoor

Ms. Neha Bansal

Ms. Neha Bansal has a corporate job and a good … Continue reading Ms. Neha Bansal

Mrs. Samita Hans

Mrs Smitia Bali was suffering with lower backache for the … Continue reading Mrs. Samita Hans

Ms. Priyanka Dahiya

At Physio Active we are proud to serve our customers … Continue reading Ms. Priyanka Dahiya

Mr Jaspreet Brar

Mr Jaspreet brar,came to PhysioActive Gurgaon with chief complaint of … Continue reading Mr Jaspreet Brar

Mrs Deepshikha

Mrs Deepshikha came to physio Active with partial rotator cuff … Continue reading Mrs Deepshikha

Videep Ray

Videep Ray, A soccer player, came to physio active for … Continue reading Videep Ray

Mr. Rahul Rathor

Mr. Rahul Rathore was referred to PhysioActive with Chronic Impingement … Continue reading Mr. Rahul Rathor

Bhavya sekhri

Bhavya sekhri came to Physioactive with recurrent both side patellar … Continue reading Bhavya sekhri

Mrs. Taqreed Abdullah

Mrs. Taqreed Abdullah, resident of Basrah, Iraq visited India for … Continue reading Mrs. Taqreed Abdullah

Usha Lamba

Usha Lamba came in with chief complaint of Generalised Weakness … Continue reading Usha Lamba

Mrs. Kiran Rekha

Mrs. Kiran Rekha, an active female who was an athlete … Continue reading Mrs. Kiran Rekha

Mr. Sulaiman

Mr. Sulaiman, An international Football player from Nigeria, Playing and … Continue reading Mr. Sulaiman

Mr. Shiv Ram

Mr. Shiv Ram, an 82-year-old man came in with a … Continue reading Mr. Shiv Ram

Shivam Awasthi

Shivam Awasthi, came to us with the case of recurrent … Continue reading Shivam Awasthi

Dr Spoorthy

Dr Spoorthy is pediatrician pursuing her PHd from Medanta Hospital … Continue reading Dr Spoorthy

Ms. Gitika

Ms. Gitika came to us in physioactive with a *Dowagers … Continue reading Ms. Gitika

Mr.Vasant Kalambi

Mr.Vasant Kalambi, resident of Kolkata visited us at Physio Active, … Continue reading Mr.Vasant Kalambi

Mrs Raman Sekhri

Who says weight loss is difficult and maintaining weight too? … Continue reading Mrs Raman Sekhri

Mr.Asit Das

Mr.Asit Das, being passionate about running & sports was unable … Continue reading Mr.Asit Das

Patient Testimonials on Physiotherapist

Patient Testimonials on Physiotherapist

Mrs Madhu Goswami

Mr. Basharat

Mr. Basharat has Got Treated at Physio Active for his … Continue reading Mr. Basharat

Ms. Maab Ayad Alani

An Effective Interview of a Patient Got Her form the … Continue reading Ms. Maab Ayad Alani

Mr. Noafel

Interview with Noafel Age 26 from Iraq Suffering from Severe … Continue reading Mr. Noafel

Mrs. Jayanthi

Mrs. Jayanthi is 65 years old lady who came to … Continue reading Mrs. Jayanthi

Ms. Dolly

This is a patient with Chronic OA both knees and … Continue reading Ms. Dolly

Mst. Arnav

Hello, my name is Arnav – A Big Thank to … Continue reading Mst. Arnav

Mr. Satish

Mr. Satish – “Highly Skilled and Talented Therapists, Got Very … Continue reading Mr. Satish

Mr. Shashikant

Shashikant had an ACL injury. Physio active played a vital … Continue reading Mr. Shashikant

Ms. Aprova

Our Nutrition Consultation has began and clients have some Wonderful … Continue reading Ms. Aprova

Mrs. Indu Sibal

Mrs Indu Sibal was suffering from Severe Back Pain due … Continue reading Mrs. Indu Sibal

Mr. Vishesh Jawarani

Mr. Vishesh Jawarani 26 year old male has a degenerative … Continue reading Mr. Vishesh Jawarani

Ms. Shivali Arora

Ms. Shivali Arora has Got Treated at Physio Active for … Continue reading Ms. Shivali Arora

Mr. Alok Awasthi

Mr. Alok Awasthi is a fitness lover but he has … Continue reading Mr. Alok Awasthi

Mr. Sanjeev Kakkar, Sr. Dir

Another Delighted Patient Mr. Sanjeev Kakkar, Senior Director with an … Continue reading Mr. Sanjeev Kakkar, Sr. Dir

Mrs. Shilpi Khanedewal

Mrs. Shilpi Khanedewal was very apprehensive when she visited Physio … Continue reading Mrs. Shilpi Khanedewal

Mr. Prabhakaran Mohan

Mr. Prabhakaran Mohan, a triathlete, who completed iron-man in 2017, … Continue reading Mr. Prabhakaran Mohan

Mrs. Gargi

Mrs. Gargi is Suffering from Osteoarthritis of Knee and had … Continue reading Mrs. Gargi

Iraqi Patient

Iraqi Patient who came to Physio Active with Severe Pain … Continue reading Iraqi Patient

Manasvini narayan

Manasvini narayan 11 years old artistic #gymnast practicing for last … Continue reading Manasvini narayan

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